Why I will Never Be Normal and I will Live Longer Than Everyone Else


You know that random girl or guy, in the senior class of everyones high school, that everyone thinks is really strange and weird? Yep, that’s me. Not because I’m book smart, but because I’m that girl that really isn’t afraid to be herself and is happy at 6AM on a school morning. I have at least half a dozen people come up to me every day and tell me that I’m really strange and weird. And you know how I reply? I look them straight in the eyes and smile and say, “Thanks! That means a lot!” And continue in with my life. At this point you’re probably confused on where I am going with this post. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: Why I Will Never Be Normal and I Will Live Longer Than Everyone Else.

I Spend my life Singing Show tunes. All day, every single day. If you look at my Pandora Stations List, the top stations that I listen too are Les Miserables, Idina Menzel (Actress from Wicked the Broadway Show), and Into the Woods. I sing “In My Life/A Heart Full of Love” as many times a day as someone breathes, until I’m being screamed at to stop. I love musicals. You may think this a joke… It’s not. A recent study by U.S. scientists has shown that the brain function of those suffering from dementia can be improved if they belt out their favorite show tunes. So. I will continue to belt show tunes until I am no longer able to speak.

I give hugs to everyone. If it hasn’t become evidently obvious yet, I am a thespian.
I know what your thinking right now.
I get this reaction every time I say it.
I am not a lesbian.
I am a thespian.
In case you are one of the 99%of the population that is oblivious to what this is, a thespian is an honorary title given to someone who has worked for certain number of hours in the theatre. Every year, I go to a conference in my state where a bunch of us Thespians get together and go to workshops, attend musicals and/or plays, and so on. One workshop I attended was taught by a fantastic man. I wish I remembered his name, because he was fabulous. When we all got settled in, he started to introduce himself. One of the first things he said was that he used to be a therapist for depressed adults. He said that he is a strong and passionate believer that you must have five really good hugs a day to achieve ultimate happiness. He then had us all stand up and start to hug each other. Not little tiny hugs, but the biggest, bestest hugs we had ever given in our lives. And guess what? After that workshop, I was completely 150% convinced, because after that hour, I was a very happy person. So that’s why I give hugs to everyone… Regardless of how long I’ve known the person, because What if that person never gets hugs? I at least want them to be slightly happy.

I Laugh. A lot.
They say Laughter is the best medicine. And I am a firm believer in that. You know how many times I have missed school in the past 3 1/2 years of high school? Two. And it’s not because I’m a goody two shoes that doesn’t want to miss a day of school because if I don’t I won’t get a perfect attendance award. Its because I’m never sick… Like, EVER. I bet you didn’t know that laughter increases your immunity, stimulates your whole body, helps you feel better, and even burns calories! Just one laugh can provide you with a boost in your oxygen intake and releases endorphins that will make you happier. When you laugh, it fuels your immune system with disease-fighting powers that will help you stay healthy and energetic. Laughter reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow, which will in turn reduce your odds of suffering a stroke or heart attack. Laughing raises your heart rate and caloric expenditure, resulting in about 10-40 calories burned over 15 minutes of laughing.

I Burst Into Random Dance. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be fit and to feel healthy, and if its and enjoyable type of fitness, that means bonus points in the awesomeness jar. Besides the fact that dancing is physical exercise, it also makes you smarter. Wait… What? Smarter? Is that what you said? Yes, I did. A major study revealed that stimulating your mind by dancing can ward of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It also increases acuity at all ages. Another thing that was discovered through this study is that no other form of physical exercise offers any protection against dementia. Now, you can’t tell me that isn’t cool. In addition, I enjoy dancing because it reduces my stress level. You’re a liar if you tell me that you work better under stress. Stress causes tons of short term and longterm damage to your body— physically AND mentally. Physical damage includes aches and pains, diarrhea and constipation, nausea and dizziness, frequent colds. Emotional damage includes moodiness, short temper, depression. These are just a few. You’re just being plain stupid if you want to put yourself through that.

I wear mismatched socks (At this point, you are probably trying to decide if this post is trolling you or if you should take it seriously. Yes, this post is very serious, so keep reading). When I get up in the morning for school, I could care less about if my socks match. I would rather get five extra seconds of sleep than spend five extra seconds digging around in my drawer looking for two of the same socks. Besides the fact that mismatching my socks gives me five extra seconds of sleep, it also is a way for me to express myself— whether its my mood or quirkiness. Also, I enjoy making people happy. If I could do one single thing for the rest of my life, I would want to have a job making other people happy. When people see my mismatched socks, no joke, I see their face immediately light up, which in return, makes me happy. Another reaction I get very frequently (mostly from people who have never met me) is a confused look and they say something like, “Are you aware your socks don’t match?” I smile and say, “Yeah, isn’t it awesome? Life is too short to waste time matching socks, so I just grabbed two random ones and now I’m just rolling with it.” More often than not, I will see that person wearing mismatched socks the next day too.

I have the diet of a hippie. Anyone who ever comes over to my house takes one look at our pantry and says, “Oh my God, you’re one of those people… Where’s the ramen? Where’s the doritos? Where’s the candy?!” Okay, I’m being a little extreme. But the major difference between the pantry at my house and yours is that we cook 90% of the food that is in our house from absolute scratch. No, I have never had a microwaveable tv dinner and I never will. I choose the unprocessed foods and pay $3.99 for it, and you choose the cheaper, processed alternative and pay 99 cents for it. I don’t eat processed foods because when I’m done, I feel gross (like I’ve just rolled through the sewer), my face decides to introduce me to new, painful friends, and I gain tons of weight. I would rather pay $3 extra and feel really good inside rather than pay 99 cents and feel like crap. And guess what? All the processed crap you are eating, is slowly killing you inside. I don’t trust companies that say the preservatives they are putting inside of their food is safe. I really don’t. Because there have been several well known companies like Coca Cola, Hunts and Chick-Fila, that say an ingredient is perfectly safe to consume but then come out with a report several years later that say they’re removing it because it isn’t safe for human consumption. And I don’t know about you, but I would like to live longer. (If you would like to see any of those reports, I have listed three at the end of this post)

I’m allergic to most things that are carcinogenic. I don’t think this really needs to be explained any further, but for the sake of this post, I will. In case you don’t have Siri on your phone to ask her what this fancy word means, in a nutshell, Carcinogenic means any substance that causes cancer. If you haven’t already connected Cancer with being bad, now you have. Because of this allergy, I have to steer clear of all those products that when you read the ingredients list, it makes your head hurt because you don’t know what half the ingredients are or how to pronounce them (Which, speaking of that, half those ingredients are slowly killing you), and I have to stay near those products that you find at those weird hippie stores that smell really strange.

I paint to decrease stress. I am a very stressed person. Mostly because I procrastinate and over think things, but what teenager doesn’t? I mean, seriously. One of the things that consumes my life and that I do to relieve my stress is painting. I will paint anything. I’ll just wake up and think: Oh, I want to paint that. Like, now. And just like everything I have talked about above, of course I have to include some kind of study along with it. Positive effects of painting: One of the main reasons that art therapy has proved to be successful is due to the benefits it causes, including self-care, distraction and flow. Self care is beneficial to yourself because you’re taking care of yourself and taking part in activities purely for the benefit or your own well-being. Partaking in a hobby can make a person feel more well-balanced in their lifestyle. Painting is also a good way of distracting your thoughts from whatever is causing your stressing or anxiety. Painting can cause a clearer line of thought, which later helps you deal with problems and help put them into perspective. Another benefit of painting is stress relief, because it can help achieve a positive state of mind.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have anything to add, you are welcome to share below. I would love to hear it. Have a fantastic day!

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9 Surprising Benefits Of Laughter You Need To Know

They help assist me with sounding smart 🙂
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